[Solved] Can we customise the installation location of a screensaver on Mac OS X?

Hi there - we’ve created a screensaver for use on our company’s Macs but are experiencing some technical issues with the installation. Our tech support team have asked the following question:

“Can we get the screensaver to install to //HD/System/Library/Screen Savers and not to the user library as it does currently? This means it will be easier to deploy. An alternative to this location is //HD/Library/Screen Savers but whichever of those it is, it must NOT install to the user library.”

Is this something that we can configure during the screensaver creation process? We’re using iScreensaver Designer 4.0 Pro.


Hi there,

iScreensaver 4 has two installation modes:

  • Install For Me: Installs to HD/Users/username/Library/Screen Savers/
  • Install For All Users: Installs to HD/Library/Screen Savers/

You can choose this option from the Installer by selecting the “Install” menu in the menubar.

Note that on Mac OS, “install for me” is the default, whereas on Windows OS, “install for all users” is the default.