[Solved] All actionscript is being ignored

Hi. I’m using Flash CS5, AS2, Flash Player 10 on a PC. When I create the screensaver using my SWF file, the preview within the iScreensaver software works correctly. But when I install the screensaver on my PC and run it, it ignores all actionscript and just runs through linearly. Any suggestions?

It seems if I publish the SWF as Flash Player 9, and use this to create the screensaver it works fine. Looks like FP 10 isn’t supported.

Correct, we recommend that you publish as Flash Player 9. See here:

OK. So when published as Flash 9 and installed on a PC, the actionscript works when the screensaver is running properly, but not when it is previewed.

On a Mac the actionscript is ignored on preview, and also when the screensaver actually runs. The Actionscript I’m using is a simple play/pause main timeline script.

Also, I’ve followed the instructions on turning captions off, but the filename continues to appear on PC no matter what. It’s off on a Mac.

The fact that the captions are off on mac but not on PC leads me to suspect you have another issue happening. My guess is that you haven’t actually loaded the new screensaver at all on the PC. This can happen for a number of reasons, including that browsers on PCs (IE in particular) are notorious for caching outdated versions of downloads.

Do this on the PC:

  1. Go into the windows system folder and manually delete all copies of the screensaver and associated “Libs” folder, e.g. “My Screensaver.scr” and “My Screensaver Libs”
  2. Re-build your PC screensaver using a new download name, e.g. “MyScreensaver007.exe” - each time you rebuild it, use a new version number to be sure that you have the correct version.

As for your main issue regarding actionscript, please read carefully the help manual on how to create SWF files. My guess is that you have created a SWF file that is not following the recommendations we make. In paricular, SWF files should not start playing automatically, and should follow the rules regarding stopping on the last frame as that affects the detection of loop count.

Finally, beware of security settings in Flash Player – if your SWF does something that violates the sandbox, you may see strange behavior.

All of these are detailed on http://iscreensaver.com/help/flash.shtml

That worked - Thanks. And thanks for your prompt replies.