[Solved] Active Directory Install

I’ve followed the instructions, and was able to copy the required .scr and Lib files under C:\Windows. I’ve modified the registry. When I try to preview or Play on a system its been deployed to, nothing happens. If i click Settings under screen saver settings, I get a message “Unable to open data file. File is corrupt or missing?”. The system is Windows 10.

If I manually run the installer for this screensaver, the screen saver works. Has anyone else ran into this issue? Is there a way to silently install the .exe through command line?

Most likely, you have missed copying some of the files - there are some hidden files and folders. Make sure you are copying absolutely everything and it should work.

I’ve confirmed the files copied to the Windows directory are the same as the ones copied through the install. What other changes would be required?

Hi Michael, you must ensure the hidden Archive files are copied as well. Most of the time when you get this error, it’s because some or all of those files weren’t copied.

Another problem would be if you re-named the files or folders during the copy. The SCR and Libs files are referenced by name, so changing the name of either could also cause similar issues.

Looks like hidden files were the issue. We’ve managed to get the preview working now. Are there any settings which would prevent the screen saver from starting automatically after the period of time we’ve entered?

What version of windows?

Windows 7 (and possibly 10) sometimes detect when you run the screensaver and then immediately quit it - and “helpfully” change the activation time for you.

You can reset this by changing the activation time (e.g. from 1 minute to 2 minutes or back again) and then closing the screen saver control panel.