Small sized viewing on Windows

Hi, I’m having issues in Windows computers showing my screensaver.
First: on double screens computers just one is playing.
Second: the flash file is scaled down to a veeeery small size in the top left corner.

While on my mac computer, the same I use to make it I don’t have the some problem (but still not playing smoothly). The screensaver is based in a swf with 8kb.

I will appreciate a lot if you guys have a solution for this issue or a link to a specific topic! thnks

“First: on double screens computers just one is playing.” –
Yes, this is by design, and is documented in the release notes, see the “Known Issues” section:

“Second: the flash file is scaled down to a veeeery small size in the top left corner.” –

  • update iScreensaver Designer to version if you haven’t already.
  • in your project, switch to List view, and scroll so that your SWF asset is visible. Look at the Width, Height column – if they display zeros, then delete the SWF asset, then re-add it. (There was a bug in a prior version that would mis-read the width,height as zero).

If that doesn’t fix it, let us know and we can provide more help.

Thank you for your fast reply!

About the scale problem… I checked the list view the parameters my SWF width and height entries are ok, everything else is filled properly. I’m using version of iScreensaver.

two picture of a laptop running windows:

Aboute dual screen, is it possible to get at least a solid color in the second screen?

  • Unfortunately, all secondary screens on PCs will be solid black (RGB 0,0,0) color – it’s not possible to get them to be a different color. We have a feature request in to make it work like the mac, in which case you could (optionally) run the same content on both screens. Perhaps in a future version?

  • as for the SWF Flash file being the wrong size – what size settings do you have set? Go to Info window / Media / Display and make sure that the asset is set for “Letterbox”, “Crop”, or “Fill” – these settings will stretch the flash object to full screen – read more about this here:

  • if none of these settings seem to work – one final thing is to check your Flash plugin version and try updating to the latest version of Flash (10.1 as of this writing)

Update: we have determined that some users are having issues with the CS5 version of Adobe Flash, when they try to publish their SWFs using the Flash 10 settings.

The solution is to re-publish as a Flash version 9 file.

See for more details.

I have the same issue, i.e. small sized media on the top-left corner, but on Mac. The other difference from the OP is that the media is a single QuickTime movie, so I don’t use any Flash. Moreover, on my Mac the screensaver runs in correct full screen whereas on my friend’s Mac the screensaver (same file) runs small sized on the top-left corner.
In the Build pane, I have checked “Check Plugin Versions” and I have
• QuickTime: 7.6.6
• Flash: 10.1.52
• OpenGL: 2.1.0
Any idea?

P.S. I have installed Adobe CS5, but I just use an MP4 movie in my project - no Flash!

heruan –

Please check & report these things:

  1. make sure you are using the latest version (4.3.1 as of this writing)

  2. for the mac that is not working : what version of software is in use? The most important things would be to check the OS version and the version of Safari installed (as of this writing, these versions should be OS X 10.6.7 and Safari 5.0.4. Ask the user to report these values to you, and ask them to use “Software Update” from the apple menu, run all updates, and then see if it’s still happening.

  3. What stretch & size modes are you using? For example, if you have a 600x400 movie set to Actual Size mode, it will look big on a small screen, but it will look very small on a large screen (since the screen is bigger, but the movie is not). The fix here is to use a stretch mode such as Letterbox or Crop which will re-scale based on screen size.

Hi, thank you for the quick reply!

  1. I’m using the latest version, 4.3.1.

  2. I noticed that the only computer where the screensaver works it’s my Mac. All the Mac are updated according to “Software Update”.

  3. They are all MacBook Pro with the same screen resolution (1440x900), and the movie is set to Letterbox.

I’ll try to build the screensaver on another Mac and I’ll let you know!

Feel free to email us a copy of your project and/or movie file – that would help us diagnose the issue, in case there’s a bug.

I tried to create a new project, on a different Mac, using a different video file: same result, small video on the top-left corner! The problem is very similar to the OP’s one, which was about Flash versions. Does iScreensaver creates Flash screensavers? My Mac is the only one in which the screesavers run correctly fullscreen and the only difference is my Flash plugin which is the one provided with Adobe CS5 (10.1.52), where on the other Macs the Flash plugin is the one provided by Apple (10.1.102).

To summarize:

  1. All Macs are updated. iScreensaver is updated.
  2. No matter on which Mac I build the screensaver: only on my Mac it runs fullscreen, on all the others it runs shrinked on the top-left corner.
  3. No matter which video filetype I use (AVI, MP4, MOV…), the issue persists.

The procedure I use to build the screensaver is:

  1. Open iScreensaver 4.
  2. Drag the video file.
  3. Click Build All.

That’s it!

heruan – i’m confused – you keep saying you are using Flash, but then you say you are using AVI, MP4, and MOV files. Is the file a SWF? Or a Video file? Because it’s possible to convert a movie file to a SWF, I need to know which it is you are using.

heuran: also, please note that if you are using Flash, the current version is 10.2 – Adobe has released an important advisory about security risks in 10.1. So we strongly suggest you upgrade to 10.2 here:

Note – this will not help you if you aren’t using SWF files, of course, but it’s a good idea anyway.

Sorry for getting you confused! I’m not using Flash. I’m just saying that the problem (little media on top-left corner of the screen) is the same as the original poster of this thread. Since he was suggested to investigate in Flash plugin’s version, I wonder if Flash is somehow involved in my issue too (since the symptom is the same).
I only need a screensaver playing a simple video file. I can send you both the video and the iScreensaver project, and the built installer too - tell me to which e-mail address!

Thank you very much!

Please send your files to : support at

Also – if you can provide any further info on the macs which are misbehaving – easiest way is to go to Apple Menu, About this Mac, click “More Info…” which will open System Profiler. Choose File / Save As… and email us a copy of the report generated.

Thanks! We hope to get this cleared up as soon as you can send that info.