Selling Screensaver

We created our screensaver with iScreensaver Designer 4, and want to sell it (for both Mac and Windows) on outside websites.

For the Mac version, I think it’d be great to sell it on the Apple App Store. For the Windows version, maybe sell it on Amazon? Open to suggestions…

Are there any specific settings, etc. that you would recommend in exporting? Any other insights from previous experiences with selling screensavers online? Ideas on how to submit files, etc.?

As far as we know, you can not submit a screensaver for sale on the Mac App Store. The reason seems to be a combination of technical issues as well as Apple’s policies. We believe that similar issues also preclude selling on the Windows store as well.

There are plenty of other ways to sell software online however.

Thanks for your response!

We currently sell as a download on our website, but it will be complicated to continue doing this with the new EU VAT laws impacting digital sales (even though we are U.S. based). Hoping to find something that will handle this for us.

I thought maybe Apple App Store/Windows App Store/Amazon because I see other screensavers for sale there, but maybe not ones created with iScreensaver? Any suggestions of other ways to sell or links to resources would be much appreciated!

Thanks again for your help! Awesome product:)