screensaver only visible in top left hand quarter


i have a client who says their installed screensaver is only visible in the top left hand quarter of their screen on two of their computers. (the rest is black) is this a problem you have come across? it installed and plays fine on the rest of their machines (all PC’s).

any ideas?

What version of iScreensaver did you use to make the screensaver?


Are you using Flash? QuickTime? Or Images when the problem occurs?

First suggestion: please update to the latest version (4.3.4) and try this version to see if it fixes the problem…

no flash, no quicktime, just simple images floating across screen.

  • before i update the software and resupply new screensavers, have you come across this problem before? could it be the display resolution of that particular PC monitor? or the OpenGL is not up to date on that particular PC? i’m trying to establish why it works on the majority of their machines, without being on-site myself.

1 - Can you send us a copy of the screensaver in question? We can see if anything is unusual about your image settings.

2 - Ask the users to report back with their info:
Operating System and Service Pack (e.g. XP SP3)
Monitor Resolution: (e.g. 1024x768)
Graphics Card and Driver version (e.g. ATI Radeon x1600, Driver version 7.6.4)


hi. i sent the screensaver to your email yesterday. can you confirm you received it ok? thanks.

Hello – sorry, we didn’t receive anything from you. We have about a 10MB limit on email attachments, and sometimes EXE files get blocked. Can you resend, or put it on a website for us to download?

what email do i send it to?

just sent again to email address: can you please confirm you received ok? thanks.

Yes, that’s the correct address.

We still haven’t received your email… please put the file on a FTP or HTTP download server for us to get access?