Screensaver on Mac (Yosemite) - takes over 30 seconds to load

I’m testing iScreensaver Designer version (v4.5.0.338), and when I try to create a screensaver, all I get is a black screen for 30 seconds before the screensaver loads. I’m using Flash CC on a Mac, running Yosemite (10.10.5). iScreensaver acts like it builds it successfully, and when I look at the screensaver window in my Preferences, the small preview window plays correctly. Unfortunately, when I try to run the screensaver, it takes so long to load that I didn’t think it was playing at all.

My Flash movie is a simple timeline-based animation with no actionscript.

I read in your Guide that for users of Flash CS, they need to export their .swf as v9. The lowest Flash Player version that I can export from CC is 10.3. Could this be a problem? Are there any other settings in Flash I need to know about?


I just downloaded your “Space” sample project and after creating the installer and installing it, it too took about 30 seconds to load.

In the past, this has always been caused by malfunctioning Third-Party software. Please read this thread which discusses at least one culprit (Labtech software):

Third-party software such as this which modifies the operating system at a low level can have many negative effects, and this is one of them.

If you are not using the Labtech software, perhaps it is happening due to another cause. If you find out more we’d love to document it here.

To be honest, your response was less than helpful. We don’t have any Labtech software here (I’ve asked IT) and I don’t have the time or expertise to troubleshoot your software. I downloaded a different screensaver creator and the screensaver it created started right away. Unfortunately, the company that made that software is no longer in business, so I can’t get a full copy.

If you can provide me with some actual steps I can take to try to resolve this, that would be great.

I’m sorry you didn’t find the suggestions helpful, but they are useful steps if you follow them. Please read that thread again, and pay attention to the suggestions about checking third-party software. Etrecheck is a great place to start for scanning your computers for conflicting software. Use Etrecheck to create a report and email it to us and we’d be happy to let you know what we see.

However, if you have an IT department ultimately it’s going to be up to them to solve. It’s been our experience that in most of these cases, the IT department has some third-party software installed on your computers that is causing the conflict.

As you can imagine, we are not able to troubleshoot our customers’ systems when they have non-standard third-party software installed that is blocking key operations in the OS. We try our best to be helpful, but ultimately these sorts of non-standard configurations are the customer’s responsibility.

As soon as we receive your Etrecheck result we’ll reply.