Question about 64-bit OS compatibility

Hi -

Getting a query from our client as to the system requirements for the screensaver we built in iScreensaver for them. They are asking if it will run in a 64-bit environment on Mac OS 10.6 - I’m not sure how I can test this :slight_smile: Does anyone know?



We’ve tested under 64 bit kernel, and it should work fine. The .saver bundle is a multi-architecture binary.

To test – assuming you have a 64-bit capable mac, then simply "Hold down the ‘6’ and ‘4’ keys when the Mac starts up (until the Apple logo shows on screen). After starting up in 64-bit mode, check About This Mac‚Ķ, click More Info, then click on Software. In 64-bit mode there will be a ‚Äúyes‚Äù next to ‚Äú64-bit Kernel and Extensions‚Äù.

See more here:

thanks for that! passed these comments on to the client :slight_smile: