Norton 360

Norton 360 , Version: has been quarantining or removing the screensavers I created with iScreensaver 3.5 for my PC. I just ended a session with their support, and learned how to restore them. I regard this as a serious problem. Does anyone else have this trouble? Do screensavers created with version 4.0 suffer the same fate?

-Steve Morse

Hi Steve – when does the quarantine occur? When you do the installation, or afterwards when the actual screensaver is running?

We are aware of some programs that do flag version screensavers created with iScreensaver version 4 – you can read more about it here:

In general, the Free Microsoft AntiVirus product seems to have the best behavior…

I have not tried building and installing a new one under this version of Norton. It happened when I changed screensavers to ones I had previously made using iScreensaver.

If iScreensaver cannot get Norton to quit unfairly targeting their product, I would think Norton should be held liable. Norton makes an excellent program nearly useless because the steps required to get the screen savers recognized as safe are too much of a nuisance for most users to follow.