Movie locked in one location on screen?

Is there a feature in the program to have the quicktime movies (when way smaller than the screen resolution) to float around (move in x and y) so as not to create burn in?

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In version 4, we had to make some compromises to support XP machines which don’t have very good movie playback capabilities. So for now, there is no way to have a movie (or flash) move about the screen as it plays.

However, if you are worried about burn-in, you could do the following:

Add the movie to your project. Set all the variables as you wish.
Use the Edit menu’s duplicate command to create a few copies (say, 5 or 10).
For each of these copies, you can set slightly different display settings (Width, Height, or X,Y location on screen).

“But won’t this increase the file size by 5x ?” you may ask.

Assuming that every item is referencing the same movie file, when you build, iScreensaver is smart enough to only include the movie file once.

That’s an excellent work-around. I will try it, thanks!