Media and Overlay - different timeline / time settings

The case is - i have a 45 sec long 3D animation in the Overlay “tab” - and in the Media “tab” i would like to run through a sequense of background images (10 images - 5 sec duration each) while the animation in Overlay is running. Is this not possible ?? Well i think it should be :slight_smile:

That’s a great question, and a very sensible way to use an overlay. In version 5 you could do that - if the overlay placed on a series of sequence items was exactly the same, then it would just keep showing the prior overlay rather than reloading it.
It looks like in version 6 that feature isn’t working. I’ll check with the software engineering folks and see if there’s a way to make it work.

Another idea: if you are handy with your 3D animation software, then you could accomplish this by building your 10 image animation inside the 3D model:

Make a 3D animation containing your 10 images at 5 seconds each.
Create a video sequence in iScreensaver with a single item
In the Media layer, put your 10 x 5 animation
Set the Behavior / Play time to 50 seconds.
In the Overlay layer, put your 45 second overlay animation

The end result should be close to what you are looking for. The downside is that you have to build the 10 x 5 animation within your 3D software, rather than within iScreensaver.
Did you build the 45 second animation yourself? What 3D software are you using?

Yes i made the animation in Modo (From Foundry).
And then i thought i could “cheat” with an animated gif … with a an animated colour sequence - but it does not play animated GIS - does it ?
I would not be optimal to make a video squence … cuz it will take up unneccesary space … I hope your tch gouys can fix the feature to version 5 :slight_smile:


Animated GIF: not supported.
However, you can make a movie instead: M4V or MP4 / H2.64 format would be ideal.

Put your 50 second movie file (containing an animation of your 10 images) in the Media layer.
Put your 3D animation in the Overlay layer.

Ok i can try that !
Thanks !