Mac screensaver won't exit when mouse is moved

[from a customer]

" Very good software for screensavers! But I have a problem with screensaver with video on my Mac. The video do not stop when I move the mouse, and it is impossible to escape out of the saver, resulting the Mac will freeze. "

There are two settings that control whether moving the mouse will exit the screensaver:

  1. Media/Behavior/Interactive:
    With Interactive ON, mouse movement, mouse clicks and (sometimes) the keyboard will be ignored. In this case, the media file (QuickTime or Flash) must have a built-in “Exit” button. See here for more details:

This is an expert feature so be careful.

  1. Heads-Up-Display (HUD)
    The user may choose to enable the HUD. If enabled, the HUD provides an “X” button to exit the screensaver.

See here for more details:

Please let us know if this solves your problem.

If neither of these settings are ON, then in all cases the screensaver should exit when the mouse is moved.