Letting user delete photos

I’m using the standard Mac screensave to display random photos from our photo library.We have 20K+ photos in the library but they haven’t been curated, so there are accidental photos, blurry photos, and just plain bad photos in the mix. When one of these pops up on the screensaver I want to be be able to select it and delete it from my photo library, or at least put it into quarantine somehow. Is it possible for iScreensaver to support this - both the ability to present the user with possible actions for the current image and the ability to interact with the file system to make changes? This is for personal home use so trust is not an issue.

Good question! We’ve had simlar ideas of being able to rate or select photos on the fly using the keyboard or mouse in a running screensaver, but at the present time we don’t have any feature like that.

Your best bet is probably to manually curate these within the Photos.app - you can rate or tag photos, and then create a smart album of your best photos, and you should be able to then drag & drop the smart album into iScreensaver, or just use the built-in apple screensaver if that’s all you need.

iScreensaver has some major advantages over the built-in photos screensaver:

  1. You can enable the HUD (head’s up display) to use the mouse to navigate within your photos
  2. a variety of visual effects
  3. options for mouse / trackpad sensitivity (so an accidental bump of the mouse won’t exit the screensaver)
  4. Onscreen captions showing photo Title/Description and Geographic Location (this is even better in version 6.2)
  5. A varity of shuffle and randomization modes: you can set the screensaver to shuffle your sequence, and the shuffle will be rememeberd across time so that the entire shuffled sequence plays fully before repeating
  6. and many others…

Thanks. We do manually curate photos when we have time but there’;s never enough enough time. Would be better to curate in the fly when something pops up in the screensaver