iScreensaver and macOS Catalina 10.15

7 October 2019 - macOS Catalina 10.15 has been released today by Apple.

The current version of iScreensaver (6.1.0) generally works with Catalina, but we have noticed a few small problems. You can go ahead and use 6.1 to build Catalina-compatible screensavers.

In particular, in Catalina, the integration of (version 5) and iScreensaver is broken, and we will focus on this area.

We hope to release iScreensaver 6.2 this week which will improve this and a few other issues.

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Update: we have released version 6.2 which improves Catalina support. All authors are encouraged to upgrade. Please visit

Update: we have released version 6.3 which improves Catalina support and includes fixes and enhancements for other OSs.
All authors are encouraged to upgrade. Please visit

We are happy to announce the release of version which has further improvements for Catalina.
See Release Notes for details.

I have version and Catalina. But as soon as I installed Catalina, I noticed one thing that I did not have before: a notice in green type on my screensaver telling me my screensaver was not licensed for distribution. It never was (I checked off on that when I made it) but now I have this green thing I can’t get rid of.

Simply re-install the screensaver and it should work fine. Catalina changed where preferences files are stored on Catalina, so when you upgraded, it wiped out the information that this was a valid installation.