Is it possible to stop/interrupt a running screensaver WITHOUT user input?

Been using screensaver for a while and absolutely love it.
We’re building a that pops up a window for 10-20 seconds with caller id information.
App is done in Xcode/Swift. All works good except that the popup will not penetrate/cancel a running screen saver. Any screen saver, not just, so not a bug but perhaps a feature request question?
Since a window popup does not penetrate a screen saver is there any way to do that via a programmed command/trigger?
Any/all suggestions welcomed.
Merry Christmas

Interesting question, and I believe the answer depends on a few variables:

  1. what version of macOS
  2. whether the screen is locked at the time (the locked screen would require the user to authenticate with password or TouchID
  3. Before macOS 10.13, the screensaver process was called ScreensaverEngine, and you could change any window level to be in front of the running screensaver.
  4. In macOS 10.13 it moved locations (and became more tightly locked down, preventing you from putting an app in front of the screensaver level)
  5. Under older versions of macOS, an app (that had sufficient permissions) could kill the screensaver, but this may no longer be possible
  6. Starting with 10.14, the new process is called legacyScreensaver, but I don’t think your app can easily kill it

Modern macOS uses the notification center, and I believe that notifications can show up even while the screen is locked, with the proper user choices:

Thank you very much for your comments. Food for thought :slight_smile:
Running Monterey. Don’t want to go backwards so Notifications may be the solution. Thanks again.