iS and Ventura Version 13.0 Beta (22A5331f)

Have started playing around. iMac Pro with extra monitor. Rebuilt a saver from Monterey with iS Only problem encountered so far is that the saver menu doesn’t display. Any key or mouse movement exits the saver.

Hi, assuming you mean the on-screen controls (what we call the HUD “Heads Up Display”) then yes, we are aware of this issue in Ventura betas, and are trying to get Apple to fix it (or tell us how to do a workaround).

By chance, do you have 2 monitors or only one? We’ve seen cases on Ventura where the behavior is different depending on the # of screens attached.

Yes, 2 monitors. No HUD on either. Behaves same. I’ll try again when next Ventura Beta comes out. Next time in Ventura I’ll try it with one monitor.

Just an FYI: Booted into Ventura with iMacPro and no extra monitor. Behaviour same, no HUD.

We are working on a beta which may address the Ventura HUD issue (at least partially). Check your email for a beta test if you’d like to try it out.

Using the beta, added 752 images from to existing project migrated from Monterey. No issues adding/rebuilding. Only issue found was that Install from share menu is non-responsive. Reveal does the install as per the usual ‘install’. Saver added to settings as per normal. Looking good. Allows me to stay on Ventura . Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback!

When you say:
Only issue found was that Install from share menu is non-responsive.
After building a screensaver, the first launch can take a long time, especially if the screensaver is big (750 images is on the larger side).

Curious, if you click the “Install” button and wait a few minutes, does it eventually launch the app?

I thought I waited long enough but will try again, without clicking reveal at all. Will report back.

You are correct. Needs a bit of patience. 54 seconds for install dialog to appear on iMac Pro. 7742 items in my project so actually not bad when you think about it. Just spoiled.

That’s good to hear - blame macOS for not giving any info - I believe the app is being validated/virus scanned on the first opening.
If you launch from the build dialog, it does have a warning:

But maybe we need to say “a few minutes” instead?

Maybe: This may take a few seconds to a minute or so…
Once one knows it’s not a big deal. We’ll just blame macOS