IO Exception Error when building Mac Screensaver

Hello I am trying to build a screensaver using iScreenSaver 6 Big Enterprise but I keep getting the following error messages. I did look at a previous post about it maybe being “Antivirus” or working on a cloud location. I have confirmed that my AV program is not blocking reading/writing to my Desktop folder. Also I am working locally on the machine. I am currently running macOS 13.5 on an M2 Macbook Pro. Let me know if you have any questions. Any help would be appreciated.

Using latest version


99% of the tine that error is due to AntiVirus. From the log, it looks like you are building in your Downloads folder, so you would need to add an exception for that folder to your AntiVirus.

Also, during build, iScreensaver actually does the build to a temporary folder, and then finishes by copying to the destination folder (the /Installers/mac or /Installer/win folders which are located next to the ISC project file.

So it’s likely that your Anti-virus software is blocking that operation, even if you allow it access to other locations.

Unfortunatly, on macOS the temp folder has a long random name.
If you look at the build details, you will see the folder listed toward the end. It will look like this:

Adding Module JSON
Saving Archive
Saving Copy to : /private/var/folders/1w/bjsh07hj1g3_7x6x4m064ryw0000gq/T/TemporaryItems/iScreensaver Temp/Temp-77300306/Install SpaceDemo

(yours will be different).
Try adding antivirus exclusion to the folder path that ends in
…/iScreensaver Temp/

Another way to find the folder is to use the Terminal and type this command:

open “$TMPDIR/TemporaryItems/iScreensaver Temp”
which will open the folder in the Finder.

Okay I will request that our InfoSec team make those changes on my laptop and see if they work. I was able to use the terminal command and see that the folder is empty.

@Screensaver Team, I was able to successfully get the .app to build by using another laptop that did not have our AV program installed. Jamf however will not allow .app files to be uploaded so we used Jamf Composer to convert the .app to .pkg. When running the .pkg I noticed the screensaver file will not install. However when running the .app it works fine. Is there any guidance on this?

Yes! You want Managed Installation:

Managed Installation

Thank you for sharing that article, it did provide some general guidance but definitely could use some updating. One thing I would share with your users is that wherever you tell the app to extract the .saver file to, that’s where the package will install it when you build the .pkg needed. But I was able to get this working successfully with Jamf. Thank you for all your help. Have a great week!

Glad to hear it’s working out - if you’d like to share your Jamf instructions or a sample installation script, we’d be happy to incorporate that into the instructions. Natrually, we can’t really provide support for third-party tools such as Jamf but we are happy to offer more complete hints, tips, and examples.