If "Install for All Users" fails, offer "Install for Me only" instead?

[via email]

Normally, iScreensaver will detect when it’s running on a Non-Admin XP system and default to “Install for Me Only” which installs the software to the Application Support folder rather than the Windows folder.

A user has an issue where installing an iscreensaver (built with fails to install on a corporate-managed XP system. From the logs, it appears as if the XP system is telling the installer that it has admin-level permissions (e.g. ok to write to C:\WINDOWS folder) but the installation fails when this is attempted. This may be Active Directory permissions issues, or it may be Anti-Virus software.

The user has suggested that perhaps in this case when “Install for All Users” fails, perhaps the screensaver installer could detect this and offer an “Install for Me Only” installation instead.