How to use video screensavers in macOS Sonoma

Apple’s #1 listed feature for macOS 14 Sonoma is Screensavers.

macOS Sonoma brings stunning screen savers, desktop widgets, new ways to share work and web apps along with fun personalization tools and Game mode. – from Apple’s Sonoma website

Video screensavers, in fact. Apple offers many beautiful slow motion Aerial scenes that can also interact as your Desktop background. But, they don’t offer that feature (yet) to others. Plus, their built-in Photos screensaver will only load still images – no videos and no live photos – no easy way to play videos from within their offered services. Some smart folks have hacked Apple’s Aerials to add their own files, but that’s way more technical work than most people know.

How do you add your own video? Experiment with iScreensaver Designer!

Offering the ability to loop a single video, or shuffle hundreds, and you can import as many as you’d like, then play them in whatever order you choose. Whatever web-standard HTML5 video codec you prefer will work, and you can test them out across Mac and Windows with our free trial before you buy.

For demonstrations of video, see our SpaceDemo assets or JD the Demo’s Burning Down the House screensaver, from our download page.

For further instructions and tips on using both videos and Live Photos, see our User Guide for importing video assets.