How To Update your OpenGL drivers

OpenGL drivers : on mac they are easy, on PCs running Microsoft windows, it’s not so easy.

We have written a detailed document to help users update their drivers:

Update – iScreensaver Designer version (Released 17-Jun-2010) has much improved OpenGL driver support – Please test this later version first if you are having OpenGL-related issues.


My customer has Windows XP. He gets the error message saying he has to update his version of OpenGL. I took him to the driver update button as you suggest, but the only options he has are 1) to use his disk or 2) search automatically on his computer for an update. He has no disk, and the automatic search reports that it couldn’t find a more recent update on his computer. There is no option for searching the web for more recent updates. I have found several driver updating programs for $19 - $39 on the web which will apparently download and install the correct drivers. (My Screensaver sells for only $4.95!) BTW, none explicitly mention OpenGL.

A) Is there any way to force XP to look on the web for an update for his OpenGL?

B) Or can a version, say 1.4, be downloaded which the driver updater should then be able to find but which should be not too advanced for his computer? We can get driver dates, hardware types, etc, FYI if necessary.

C) Might there be a free OpenGL updater anywhere?

OpenGL Drivers are almost always free, it’s just a matter of finding the right one. Finding the hardware information (Company, Make, and Model) is the first step.

Follow the Instructions here: