How to load/use Meta data from Photos after exporting image.

Hopefully I’m just missing something as I’m still playing/learning.
The reason I’m doing the export is to get the image displayed full screen instead of letterbox.
My images are 4032x3024, type heic. That size doesn’t letterbox nicely for me so by cropping to 16x9 format, 4032x2268, I get full screen on my iMac Pro and LG 5k.
I crop the image in Photos to 16x9 as it gives me some control of the resulting image.
I then export the image since taking it direct from Photos only gives the un-cropped original.
I assume since file types no longer match (heic->jpeg), metadata load like location, etc. is lost?
I’m guessing a resize app that would maintain heic type/extension would possibly work for me but I haven’t found one yet.
Too bad I can’t use the edited version from Maybe some day?

Oh, no need to do any of those extra steps. Just use the full images as before by dragging and dropping (or copy/paste) from into iScreensaver.
Then, iInside iScreensaver, you can change the Media Stretch and Effect settings to whatever you want (Crop, Letterbox, random motion on or off, as well as other presets and custom effects).


Thank you. I’ll have another go at that.
Edit: Thanks again for the extra shove to try again inside iscreensaver. Think I found the right spot(s) this time :slight_smile: