Hint - better synchronization of video across multiple screens in iScreensaver 6

iScreensaver 6 will attempt to keep synchronization across multiple monitors, by waiting until all screens are ready for playback. All screens will then start playing simltaneously. When it’s time to go to the next item (video or image), it will re-sync if possible.

There are a few cases where this may not work:

  1. When using the sequence in Shuffle or Random playback modes - syncrhonization is only posislbe when all screens are displaying identical content.
  2. When your sequence has only a single video item.

The problem with #2 is that iScreensaver automatically sets a single video item to Loop, since this is the most efficient playback method.

However, you will notice that when videos are looping on multpile screens, they may slowly drift out of syncrhonization.

There is a relatively easy way to fix this:

Instead of having a single video file in the sequence, add a second item to the sequence (this can be an image, another short video, or even a completely blank PNG file which you can download from here
With 2 items in the sequence, iScreensaver’s auto-synchronization feature will be re-enabled, and you should see that the videos will all remain in synchrnoization after playing back the first time.