GLTex.Unload unable to set ctx 160 x 100


After a nightmare experience with my last screensaver software and Norton, I decided to try before I buy.

I’ve been testing all morning and just got this debug window and would appreciate some help deciphering what it means.

Here a link to the screencap I took:

It happened as I was closing one project and opening a previous one, so I’m not even sure which project (if any) that it’s associated with.

Both projects feature images. I had just added a .wav audio file to the one I was closing.

I’m guessing a clue to the problem is in the actual error message its self, I just don’t know what it means.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

Hello anjine,

If you close a project with the stage / preview window open, on occasion you may see these error messages. All it means is that some of the OpenGL cleanup process that normally happens was skipped. Absolutely nothing to worry about if this happens in the editor.

If you see this while running an actual screensaver, then let us know, as that could represent an issue with your openGL drivers.


I do think that the preview window was still open. Awesome.

Thanks for answering back so quickly!