error displayed when monitor resolution changes

Hoping someone can provide some insight into an issue I’m having…
I’ve been testing a newly deployed screensaver and it’s been working well up until today when I got this message (see screen capture attached). It seems to be related to the screen resolution changing (opening laptop lid while external monitors are connected) and then waking up. This issue is able to be replicated as well.

  1. Allow screensaver to start
  2. Open laptop lid, screens readjust to accommodate the third screen (resolution change)
  3. Jiggle mouse
  4. Error displays
  1. What version of iScreensaver was this built with?
  2. What OS is this? Looks like Windows 10? Which version (1809, 1903, 1909…)

We’re using iScreensaver 6 Big Business and our OS is Windows 10 build 1909.

Thank you. Which version of iScreensaver? 6.4.0 is the latest.

We purchased the licence on June 10th. Would that be 6.4.0? I don’t have the software installed on the system that I’m using right now.

Confirmed - yes it is 6.4.0. Please advise on how to fix this error. We’re hoping to launch this screensaver corporate wide on June 24th - so we’re hoping to get a resolution in place right away.

In Windows 10, changing monitor configurations (adding, removing, changing locations or scaling %) while apps or tools are open is generally problematic - windows even warns you of this when making the change. So the first advice is “Don’t do this”. That being said it’s clearly a bug and we plan to fix it and will have it soon (in a matter of days, if our plans hold).

If you need something sooner, send us an email.

Thanks for the quick response. Look forward to seeing your bug fix when it gets completed.

Just a follow-up question about your plan to fix this bug. Will you be releasing a software version update to address this - and will you notify me directly when it’s ready? We may have to delay our corporate roll-out of the screensaver until this bug is fixed - but would prefer not to if possible.

Yes, we will be releasing a new version. You can ensure you get notifications by signing up for our Mailing List.

Thank you.

FYI - this is the exact version number of the software we’re using…

Thank you for reporting this to us.

We are happy to announce the release of version which should fix these issues.
See Release Notes for details.