Error 105


I’m getting a fatal “Error : 105 creating …app” when I try to build a Mac installer. I can’t find any documentatation on it.

I’m also getting a building warning CompareVersionStrings: bad format

As I was saying before I prematurely posted…

I’m also getting the CompareVersionStrings warning on all builds (Mac and Win) but that doesn’t seem to be affecting the build.

How do I resolve Mac build Error 105?



The 105 error represents a File system error: “Invalid Name”

My guess is that the screensaver installer app you are trying to create has an unusual name, or it has a normal name but you are building it on a filesystem (such as a Server) that doesn’t support long filenames?

Try this:

  1. If the file is on a server, move your project file (the .ISC file) to a local hard drive and build there.

  2. Rename your screensaver installer to something simple such as “MyScreensaver” and see if that fixes the problem.

Please let us know if either solution works – and if so, what was the filename that didn’t work, and what is the type of server you are using (Mac, Windows, AFP, SMB, etc…)

For the “CompareVersionStrings” error – can you give us the exact error message(s) from the log? Choose “Windows / Debug Window” to see the log window, and you should see the CompareVersionString error in the log.


Given your direction, I found that the installer filename on the Mac build had .app at the end (which I did not put there) and removing that eliminated the Error 105. Funny thing is I added it back just for kicks and the error did not return. Maybe some hidden garbage character had snuck in to the string.

I’m still getting the other error on the Windows build but it doesn’t seem to affect the end result. It is exactly…

CompareVersionStrings: bad format : , 1.3

FYI: The machine I’m building these on is running Vista Enterprise SP2



Thanks for diagnosing the filename issue : I like your idea that it was perhaps an invisible character? The “.app” is required and should not be removed – if you do it will be added in automatically.

The CompareVersionStrings: my guess this is happening due to OpenGL driver issues (the app looks for the installed version of OpenGL and compares it to a value – typically 1.3 as the default)

Can you do this to check:

  • On the Build tab (for either Mac or Win), there is a button that says “Check Plugin Versions” – click this button and let us know what it says, and if the error message is triggered, and if so, what’s in the Log. You should see something like this:

12:57:28 45 0 GL_VERSION=2.1 NVIDIA-1.6.26
12:57:28 1 0 GL_VENDOR=NVIDIA Corporation

No error msg triggered and the version it finds is 2.1.8306 Release, vendor: ATI.

My guess is that you might have typed a bogus value in the OpenGL version check field? it should be set to 1.3 (no spaces, quotes, dashes, or other punctuation). Try resetting it and see if that helps?