Constructing Facewonkers Over A Weekend

In 1994, we constructed an exquisite corpse screensaver for an advertising agency to The Bettman Archives, using twenty of their famous copyrighted images. It won i-D Magazine’s 1994 Gold Award for Entertainment Software.

For its 30th anniversary, we introduce Facewonkers.

It was created in a single weekend using iScreensaver Designer, by design team Spivey & Copperfield, with software support by Xochi Media.

Hundreds of Images were newly-created and curated, sized at 2048x2048, and in Pixelmator Pro, each sliced into four sections (foreheads, eyes, noses, mouths):


Created a temporary grid of a center line and slice lines, and images were manually sized to stay within their grid segments.

Four slices and a full face, brought into iScreensaver Designer:

Slice A is 800÷2048 = 39.1% Custom Height:

Slice B is 180÷2048 = 8.79% Custom Height:

Slice C is 180÷2048 = 8.79% Custom Height:

Slice D is 888÷2048 = 43.4% Custom Height:

Full face is Letterbox 2048x2048:

The video sequence uses ‘loop’, ‘shuffle’, and ‘resume with previous item.’ Slice durations are set for 2.5 seconds, and full faces durations are four seconds length. The differing Y-Alignments for each slice proportionally maintains distance no matter the screen dimensions, and image persistence is created through five-second dissolves with both Random Motion and Simultaneous Out Effect turned off.

Basic maths: