Changing Resolution?

Is there a way to make a screensaver from an swf file and have it change the resolution to match that of the swf file? So if someone has their monitor set to 1280x1024 you could make an swf file set to 1024x768 and have the monitor switch the rez. I know that instantstorm program for PC makes this super ez to do. Not sure if this is doable on a MAC. Really need it to be though.

Good question.

Due to the problem inherent in switching resolutions without the user’s permission, and possible negative side effects that can occur, iScreensaver does not provide the ability to change monitor resolutions. For example, there are many computers out there that provide a screen size smaller than 1024x768 (for example, many netbooks) – if you were to try to switch automatically to that resolution, you might end up with a blank display.

Instead, iScreensaver provides a number of display modes that can be used to size, locate, stretch, or crop your content.

In addition, Flash files also have the ability to respond to different monitor sizes.

As an author, you just have to deal with the fact that there may not be a “one size fits all” way of handling different monitor resolutions, sizes, and aspect ratios. You’ll need to do some research and testing, and in some cases you may want to create more than one version of your screensaver: A “High resolution” version, and a “low resolution” version, or perhaps a 16x9 and a 16x10 version for different aspect ratio screens.