Can Location Attribute be modified conditionally?

I would like to blank out the Location attribute if it is a specified string, like my home location.
I like having the Location shown but if the image was taken at home I’d like to blank it. I take lots of pics in the garden, etc. and I think they would look nicer if home location not repeated many, many times.

There’s no way to do this automtically, but you could do it by hand fairly quickly:

  1. open your project in Designer, go to List view, and make sure the Location column is visible (Right click the column header and click the checkbox for ‘Media Location’

  2. sort by the Location column

  3. scroll until you see the first one with your home location. Click to select the row

  4. scroll down until you see the last item with your home location

  5. Shift click to select the range of rows

  6. Now, you want to remove the “%location%” variable from the Caption.
    One way to do it:

  7. Hit Command-4 to open the Info window on the Caption tab.

  8. remove the %location% variable

  9. Confirm that you want to apply this change:

Another way to to do it:

  1. make the change in a single row of your sequence
  2. copy that row
  3. select all rows that you want to modify
  4. Use the ‘Paste Attributes’ command, and paste only the Caption’s Text value:

Thank you.