Black "frame" in background

Hi there,

I downloaded a trial version of iScreensaver to test how it works before purchase.
I’m developing a screensaver with flash CS4. Settings are:
1024 x 768 px, 25 fps, white background.

Everything is in the main timeline. There’s no actionscript code.
The beginning and the end of the animation are simply faded into white color (#FFFFFF) playing with the alpha of a white layer on top of everything. This make a smooth loop between the end and the beginning.

The swf is exported in flash player 9. The file size is 936 Kb.
The swf works properly both in flash player and quicktime.

When I test the screensaver I get a black background between the end of the movie and the beginning.
I tried to set a white background from iScreensaver. I tried to use all the size box (letter, actual, fill, crop…).
Nothing seems working.
Seems like it take a bit to “load” the white background (when it is set).
I’m pretty sure of it because I tried with a red color, just to see if it comes up.
It happens in the preview and after being installed, both in Mac and PC.

Basicly I would like to be able to avoid this black “frame”, because it brakes the loop.
Any helps is really appreciate.



I’m guessing that what is happening is this:

  • the SWF plays
  • it hits the end of the timeline.
  • iScreensaver detects this, and then goes on to the next item in the sequence. Since there is no next item, it re-loads the SWF file again, and the reloading is what causes the flashing.

In fact, if you check your build warnings, you should see a warning specifically about this situation (you are reading the build warnings, right?)

The solution:

  • Set the SWF play time to “Forever” rather then “Once” – on the Info Window / Behavior tab.

Please let us know if this helps?

Thanks a lot.

I changed the settings from Once to Forever and kept the white background instead of the black as default. It works.

It might be helpfull to take a look here:

Tried with black background and still have the issue.
Anyway with white background is fine.

Thanks once again for your quick suggestion.

Matteo –

  • Glad to hear you solved the main issue.

  • Can you also email us a copy of the screensaver with black background that is not working properly? support (at) – we’d like to see what’s happening with that one?